MOAT is a SEBI registered boutique Portfolio Manager known for quality in-house research with an experienced, knowledgeable, mature and seasoned management team at its helm. MOAT is an association of like – minded individuals with professional qualifications ranging from MBA, Certified Chartered Accountant, Bachelor of Law to Engineering Graduate.

We service our investor relationships through a team of experienced wealth managers in the most ethical, transparent and professional way. Our team comprises of individuals with over a decade of accumulated wisdom in the Indian equity and wealth management industry. Our team members are primarily investors and not traders who has acquired substantial portion of their wealth by investing a majority of own savings in equities alone. That shows our deep conviction and commitment to equity as an asset class.

Our organization
is mature enough
to handle the
market cycles with
less excitement
during good times
as well as less
depression in bad

To create wealth in equities, Investors need to learn and understand the true discipline of investing, show patience in staying invested, build knowledge about true culture of equities and stay in the circle of good friends.

Moreover, investment management is a quixotic affair where firms often become victims of their own success. Once its clients and Assets under management balloons, providing tailored solutions becomes almost next to impossible.

Boutique investments firms are a better bet
as it allows the firms to put cluster of
likeminded people together that have same
investment philosophy and clarity of

This is where MOAT comes in.

MOAT originates from our passion for providing professional and prudent investment management, delivered through a boutique platform and personalized experience.

The sole objective of MOAT is to build an investment institution that focuses on the long term interest of investors, ensuring high level of accountability, confidentiality and standards of transparency.

We do not forsake our ethics in the quest to create wealth and we always prefer to be in the circle of good people and work with them.

Our portfolio management clients therefore benefit from a premium service of large asset management companies coupled with greater care and individual attention that a smaller independent firm is able to offer.

MOAT is an

The concept of ‘Economic Moat’ has its roots in the idea of a traditional moat. A moat is a deep, wide trench, usually filled with water that surrounds the rampart of a castle or fortified place, providing a preliminary line of defense. The wider the moat, the more easily the castle could be defended while a narrow moat do not provide enough protection against the enemy.

The word ‘Economic Moat’ was coined and popularized by the billionaire and legendary investor Warren Buffet.

To him, the castle is the business, and the un-breachable moat is the competitive advantage one business has that makes it impossible for other businesses to touch its market share.

The wider the moat, the larger and more sustainable is the competitive edge. So to protect your valuable castle or wonderful business, you need a moat or durable competitive advantage around it..

A common
sense attitude
towards the
right spirit of

According to Buffet, investors need to look at only one factor while selecting businesses or stocks – a strong competitive advantage that cannot be copied, built, replaced or developed, that cannot be recreated by new businesses without significant costs or loads of time.

We the company, MOAT adds value to investing, keeping with the core philosophy of Warren Buffett’s ‘Economic Moat’.

We also offer a no-nonsense approach to investment management that automatically turns into a barrier for others.

Portfolio management is more of a personalized and luxurious service by nature

The very special ones are welcome to earn their stakes in India’s choicest businesses.
Experience it through our premium boutique Portfolio Management Services.